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منوی اصلی
International Partners of RDSS

Three types of partners assist us with the services we offer:

1. Educators provide excellent opportunities for our clients to study in degree, language, and vocational courses.

2. Consultants have a distinct role in expanding the destination range we can work. In fact, our clients may benefit the services offered by other agents while paying only one agency fee! In addition, the cooperation decreases the work load on RDSS clerks, which, in turn, enhances the quality of the services.

3. Service providers may do what educators and agents themselves are not eligible to offer. This includes medical insurance and similar services abroad.


AVANS University of Applied Sciences, Graduate School for Drug Exploration (Groningen University), HZ University of Applied Sciences, Department of Pharmacology & Pathophysiology (Utrecht University), Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Nelson Mandella Metropolitan University, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, EC Language schools, EF Language Schools, Blue Ocean Language School


Further Education Group (FE-Group), EC Cape Town (University Pathway Program)

 Service Providers:

AVI International (student insurance), Go-Sim Company

 For the Attention of Iranians Abroad!

RDSS is seeking skilled and well-educated Iranians in Norway, the Netherlands and South Africa to assist our applicants with the following services:

1. Obtaining admissions from universities and colleges in destination countries.

2. Assisting Iranian students with their accommodation and similar services during their first year of studies.

3. Organizing tour packages for Iranian delegates to attend seminars, congresses and workshops.

Who can apply?

1. Should be fluent in Farsi AND English AND one of the following languages: Dutch, Norwegian or Afrikaans.

2. The applicant must have a university degree or be studying in a universityrope.

3. The country of residence should be either of the countries mentioned.

How much you will receive?

The amount of honorarium will be flexible and negotiable, depending on the work-load, type of the duties and success rate of the partner.

How to apply?

Please send your applications together with your CV by e-mail to the CEO of RDSS, Dr. Goudarz Sadeghi. His e-mail address:

نظر سنجی
+ اولویت هایی که برای انتخاب محل تحصیل در خارج دارید کدامند؟ امکان انتخاب بیش از یک گزینه
 شرکت امید دانشگاه تهران
 آیین نامه انتقال دانشجویان پزشکی
 آئین نامه انتقال دانشجو به داخل
 تبدیل شمسی و میلادی
 پرتال جامع موبایل
 دانشگاه های ایران
 آموزش انگلیسی و اسپانیایی
 سفارت ایران در پرتوریا
 کنفرانسها در افریقای جنوبی
 پارکهای ملی افریقای جنوبی
 دانشگاههای هلند
 دانشگاههای نروژ
 دانشگاههای افریقای جنوبی
 مدیر مرسسه
 رایزنی علمی در کشورهای شنگن
 اداره کل بورس و اعزام دانشجو
 وزارت علوم، تحقیقات و فنآوری
 وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی
 سفارت ایران در نروژ
 سفارت ایران در هلند